Kerry Wimberly has been a mainstay in the Lubbock Community since being a founding partner in Sports and Industrial Rehab in 1989, which eventually became Lubbock Sports Rehab.  Being a Lubbock native, graduating from Coronado High School and eventually Texas Tech in 1985, Kerry is an established authority on the pulse of Sports Medicine in Lubbock.  Kerry also holds his National Certificate from the National Athletic Training Association, as well as, a Fellowship in Applied Functional Science from the Gray Institute that has provided his patients with innovative and progressive strategies to the field of physical therapy.  He also specializes in golf performance training as a certified Nike Golf 360 Movement Specialist.  

Kerry continues to work with local professional and collegiate athletes with functional injury recovery, movement restoration, and sport-specific performance training.  He currently serves as a performance consultant to the Texas Tech Men's Golf Team working closely with the coaching staff to improve and elevate the athletes' performance on the course.  Kerry has also serves as the Athletic Trainer for Trinity Christian Varsity Athletics (2013-current) and formerly Smyer High School Athletics (1996-2013).  

Nike Golf 360

NG360° FPS is a scientific process of analysis and training to enhance the athleticism and performance of golfers at all skill levels.

Effective and efficient analysis leads to effective and efficient training. In NG360° FPS, the test is the exercise, and the exercise is the test.

If you are looking to find that added advantage, NG360 is the program to get you there. Unique, specialized workouts work to improve YOUR specific game.  One size does not fit all here. Better your results through this personalized program. 

Gray Institute






What is Applied Functional Science? 
Applied Functional Science is the convergence of Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences, and Behavioral Sciences that consists of the Principles-Strategies-Techniques process for functional assessment, training and conditioning, rehabilitation, and injury prevention that is practical for any and all individuals regardless of age or ability.
Applied Functional Science is based on scientific truths that serve as the foundation of the process. These principles, integrated with neuromusculoskeletal Chain Reaction™ biomechanics, lead to powerful strategies that guide the decision-making process.  
Applied Functional Science strategies are employed to properly and successfully manage transformational environments, utilizing effective and efficient techniques for desired purposes.


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