Mark has been with Lubbock Sports Rehab for since 2013 and has brought his experience and orthopedic expertise to our practice.  Mark graduated with his B.S. in Biology and Psychology from the University of North Texas then received his B.S. in Physical Therapy from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in 1993.  Mark has previously served as the Director at the Sports Medicine Center with South Park Hospital, Area Clinical Coordinator and Director for HealthSouth Rehability, and Owner of Rehab Source, INC, and Physical Therapist for Accolade Home Healthcare before joining Lubbock Sports Rehab. 

He has achieved certification in numerous fields of continuing education en route to becoming an established therapist for Lubbock Sports Medicine and Lubbock Sports Rehab.   Most recently, he has earned his Certification in Applied Functional Science from the Gray Institute in Adrian, MI.

Altogether, Mark has compiled 22 years experience in Physical Therapy and continues to seek out the most advanced technologies the field has to offer. 

Mark is married to his wife Laura and has two daughters, Madeleine and Emiline Caffey. 



Gray Institute






What is Applied Functional Science? 
Applied Functional Science is the convergence of Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences, and Behavioral Sciences that consists of the Principles-Strategies-Techniques process for functional assessment, training and conditioning, rehabilitation, and injury prevention that is practical for any and all individuals regardless of age or ability.
Applied Functional Science is based on scientific truths that serve as the foundation of the process. These principles, integrated with neuromusculoskeletal Chain Reaction™ biomechanics, lead to powerful strategies that guide the decision-making process.  
Applied Functional Science strategies are employed to properly and successfully manage transformational environments, utilizing effective and efficient techniques for desired purposes.


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